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Respond Systems Bio-Pulse® Magnetic Beds

You can order “Bio-Pulse®” Electromagnetic Bed for your pet by clicking on the Respond logo:

(This is the same one Dr. Hamilton uses during acupuncture treatments)



The following products are available at NHVC. These are all "over the counter" products that do not require a prescription. Prescription products are not available for purchase at NHVC, and require a visit to your regular veterinary clinic.


Homeopet Liquid (Oral) Preparations



Homeopathic remedy for relief from fear of: Veterinarian/grooming visits, Separation from familiar surroundings, Kennelling, Shows, Feather Plucking. Restlessness, anxious and unwanted behaviour can be helped with this fast-acting, non-sedating liquid.


Anxiety TFLN

Homeopathic remedy for relief from fear of: Thunderstorms, fireworks, loud noise, Windstorms. Restlessness, anxious and unwanted behaviour can be helped with this fast-acting, non-sedating liquid.


Travel Anxiety

Homeopathic remedy to provide temporary relief from: Fear of travel, motion sickness, relocation.  Restlessness, anxious and unwanted behaviour can be helped with this fast-acting, non-sedating liquid.


Other items


Prozyme Digestive Enzymes

Prozyme is a plant derived enzyme food supplement to aid in digestion.  All ingredients are human food grade and generally recognized as safe by the United States Food and Drug Administration.  This Prozyme formulation is intended for use by all companion animals, especially dogs and cats. 


Zeel tablets

Homeopathic preparation used for the treatment of arthritis, degenerative joint disease, hip dysplasia, intervertebral disc disease.


Milk Thistle Glycerite liquid

Milk thistle contains the anti-oxidant bioflavinoid “Silymarin”.  It has significant protective effect on liver cells and is used to treat liver enzyme elevations of any cause; or when animals are on long term medications. It can be used in conjunction with all other medications.


Saw Palmetto Glycerite liquid

For Feline Lower Urinary Tract Disease or “blocked cats.” It helps to prevent urinary obstruction by relaxing urethral muscles and is non-sedating with no toxicity.  It can be used in large doses and as frequently as needed to effect. 


Yin-Care Herbal Wash

For dermatological use, yin-care can be used for acne, seborrhoea, blisters, eczema, fungal infections, minor abscesses, allergic irritations or itchy rashes, stings, and bites.


Feliway Pheromone Room Spray

Use to stop or to prevent urinary marking by the cat.  To comfort the cat in an unknown or stressful environment (cage, car, boarding, new house)


Yunnan Baiyao capsules

Exceptionally effective hemostatic (stops bleeding)

Can be used externally or taken orally

Decreases bleeding times

Commonly used for bleeding tumours, bleeding nails, nosebleeds, gastro-intestinal hemorrhage, ear hematomas, oral/dental procedures

A great addition to your animal emergency kit


New Zealand Deer Velvet for Dogs

For joint mobility, arthritis, hip dysplasia, bone healing, cartilage repair, stimulates tissue repair after injury/intensive exercise.


New Zealand Deer Velvet Penta Genesis

Supports antioxidant function, improves dermatological cases, promotes hair growth, recuperation after surgery, anti-inflammatory, used for stomatitis (mouth infections).