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pet stories (formerly known as testimonials)

“The Manitoba Vet Med Association (MVMA) by-laws prevents me from posting the ever popular testimonial page on my website (I did not know this!) and I have been recently informed by the association that I must take them off my website. I can, however, tell you in “my voice” the results of some of my treatments. I have used my clients’ words to write out the stories (it is not me bragging, although in some cases it appears so; everyone expresses such gratitude when they write out their stories and sends them to me…so please read as if the clients are actually speaking). I have also been told by the MVMA that I am not able to use clients names, not even first names (let’s see if initials and hometowns gets past the censors). I hope you enjoy the stories and that you are inspired by my amazing patients and their wonderful “mystery” owners.”

Dr. Linda Hamilton, August 2016

Max, Starr and Maggie have been coming to Natural Healing Veterinary Care for a few years now for leg and neck problems. Their owners report nothing but improvements in their various conditions after their treatments. The dogs love coming to NHVC. As soon as the owners pull up to the clinic, the dogs’ tails start wagging and they are eager to see me and get their tune-ups! The owners have observed that they appreciate how our team at NHVC goes the extra mile for their pets.

R & S, Halbstadt, MB   March 2015

Starr, Maggie & Max
Starr, Maggie & Max

Nine-year-old golden retriever Bucky started coming to NHVC because he had bad allergies and was overweight. We put Bucky on a real food diet and once Bucky started eating cooked chicken, baked sweet potatoes, and cottage cheese (to name just a few of his favourite foods) instead of his expensive, highly-processed dry dog food, his energy improved, his coat is shiny, his tongue indicates overall health and he’s trimmed up considerably. Bucky loves getting acupuncture and his owner has been delighted with the attention we give Bucky and the incredible change in him. This is a picture of Bucky checking out squirrels. Isn’t he handsome!

LS, April 2013

Bucky checking out squirrels
Bucky checking out squirrels.

At just three years old, Summer was diagnosed with double hip dysplasia. With Western medicine, she was given two options: surgery for $16,000 or euthanasia. Feeling desperate, Summer’s owner took to the Internet to see if there was any other course of action she could take. That’s when she found Natural Healing Veterinary Care. We transitioned Summer from taking high quantities of pain medication to just one pain medication at a reduced dosage… after just one visit! She is 88lbs and an [anxious] wreck, but walks into the office, gets on the scale and walks into her appointment herself. Here is a picture of her; she was a shaking wreck just seconds before.

PS, Gimli, MB   May 2013



When Betty Boop had a spinal stroke (Fibro-Cartilaginous Emboli, FCE) almost 4 weeks ago, she was paralyzed on her left side. She couldn't walk, stand or sit up. But after just 3 visits to NHVC, we had Betty up walking and even trying to run again. She is doing so much better than she was after our treatments and positive reinforcement. Betty Boop’s owner is so grateful for her speedy recovery.

J, February 2013

Betty Boop paralyzed prior to NHVC visit
Jan. 16, 2013: Paralyzed on the entire left side (left front and left hind legs) prior to first treatment at NHVC.

Betty Boop walking into the NHVC office for her 3rd visit
Feb. 4, 2013: Walking into the office for her 3rd treatment.

In January of 2012, Kona was on a run with her owner in Assiniboine forest and very suddenly started walking on three legs. Her owner took 10-year-old Kona to the vet, who told them Kona needed surgery for a torn Achilles tendon. Her owner decided to get a second opinion and came to us at NHVC, were I suggested a course of treatment which included weight loss, physiotherapy, massage and acupuncture. It was just a matter of a few visits over the course of a couple weeks that her owner began to see an amazing response from Kona. She went from needing to be lifted into the car, to being able to chase her ball, leap up on the bed and once again running 5 km with her owner 3 times a week. Her owner has been amazed for Kona’s health and vitality which she says would never have been possible without coming to NHVC.

L, November 2012


Dr. Hamilton - thank you sincerely for the help you give Stocky. How many other people can actually witness someone they love getting better right in front of their eyes?!! Truly amazing.

With Deepest Appreciation,

S and Stocky, February 2012


Here is Wraith, CND CH. O’Bobtor’s Autumn Renegade going Best in Veteran Sweeps at the Greater Twin Cities Borzoi Club Specialty show in June 2011 under breeder judge Mr. John Reimer, Windrift Borzoi! From the time he entered the ring until Best in Veteran Sweeps he didn’t take his eyes off Wraith!


Wraith loves his trips to NHVC for his chiropractic adjustments – and his owners love the freedom in his movement! They greatly appreciate everything I’ve done to keep their “pack” in top running shape, and they frequently reference our services to their friends and fellow exhibitors to help other dogs stay well-nourished and healthy.


PS Diane Larson photography, DDH Photography

L & R, August 2011

Wraith at Lake Minnetonka Kennel Club Dog Show

Liren en route to Best in Show!

Sophie, a 5-year-old Shih Tzu, suffered a spinal injury in March 2010 from roughhousing with her brother Buddy. Her owners took her to the vet, where they did blood work, prescribed a pain killer and sent Sophie home. Sophie was in a lot of pain and very depressed; all she wanted to do was sleep. Her owners fed her protein drinks through a syringe and she showed some signs of improvements until her backend gave out from jumping off the couch.

 Her owners were distressed to see Sophie dragging herself around like a little seal, so they took Sophie back to the vet—only to be told that there was nothing else that they could do for her and that surgery was most likely her only hope. Searching for other options, Sophie’s owners found NHVC.

After five treatments of acupuncture and physio therapy, Sophie was up and walking: she was on the way to recovery.

Her last treatment was on May 17th and every day she gets stronger—even able to get up on her hind legs. Sophie’s owners are so thankful for our professionalism and compassion at NHVC and with Sophie’s considerable improvement.

L & G, May2010


Kalli’s regular vet referred her to NHVC after realizing that diagnostically, she could do nothing more to help with Kalli’s pancreatitis, lymphangiectasia, and mobility issues,. For six months before she passed away, Kalli flourished due to her regular acupuncture and chiropractic treatments that she recieved. Her owners were delighted to see her so active and happy, and noted that the genuine care and concern from our team made each visit a relaxing and positive experience.

S & G, December 2009

Kalli Kalli

While 16-year-old Beardy Collie Poonie has enjoyed an active, healthy life, he began to experience aging problems that conventional veterinary care could not address. Through the use of chiropractic, physio and homeopathic remedies at Natural Healing Veterinary Care, Poonie has been more active, flexible and pain free since his first visit to me. He has continued to enjoy life and his owners say he rollicks pretty well for his age through the care and advice they’ve received at NHVC. He loves coming for tune-ups and always wags his tail in excitement upon entering our office, something he never does when going to his regular vet.

B & V, January 2009



 “Kirk  Sept 23, 1994 to Jan 22, 2008”

When Kirk’s health started to fail and experienced mobility issues, his owner was devastated. The stress and struggle, and anguish, of having to help a 90 lb. dog move around to do simple things would have been so overwhelming. Yet, to let a magnificent dog go because of mobility issues would have been devastating. She brought him to Natural Healing Veterinary Care for treatment, where I helped Kirk to move more easily and enjoy a better quality of life during his final days. Kirk’s owner was grateful to be able to enjoy 6 additional happy months thanks to our appointments. She says she was able to let go gracefully and with great joy that he entered and enriched her life. And it was also serendipity that her other dog Cezanne died suddenly when Kirk had started seeing me...and through our conversations, she was able to understand the moments of his death in an eastern and more holistic way.


KE, January 2008

Kirk bundled up against the cold.

 As she got older, Keala had a difficult time moving around, and was often stiff and achy. Her owners were delighted that Keala was able to walk every day and live a more enjoyable life with regular treatments at NHVC. Her owners reported that Keala looked forward to treatments and loved the treats in the cupboard. Her quality of life was greatly improved and her owners were so grateful. Keala: June 4, 1994 – January 21, 2008


D & C, Morris, MB,   January 2008
Keala relaxing on the grass.

In early March of 2008, Cody, a senior German shepherd, appeared to have injured his back in some way. He had been a healthy, active and robust dog who was aging gracefully and had been blessed with healthy joints, body and mind. But he had slowed down some over the winter as he approached 12 years of age, so the obvious pain, weakness in his rear and difficulty standing or walking even for a short time came as a surprise one evening to his owners.

Cody visited his regular veterinarian, who treated him for a week with the appropriate anti-inflammatory and pain medications for an acute spinal incident, and who also recommended his owners seek chiropractic and acupuncture treatments. His owners have stated that it was by far the best recommendation they have ever received concerning the care and treatment of any of their dogs.

Cody's first visit with me was March 18. He had improved some with conventional treatment but still had weakness, difficulty walking, and exhibited some toe dragging on his left rear leg. After doing a complete assessment of Cody's health and personality, he had some chiropractic adjustments to areas of his spine followed by acupuncture. Cody loved every minute of it! His owners appreciated the calm and relaxed atmosphere of Natural Healing Veterinary Care and my gentle approach to treatment. Cody was scheduled for a second appointment 2 weeks later, and we agree to do 3 or 4 treatments every couple of weeks and see how he would respond.

Respond probably is not an effective enough word! On the ride home after his first visit, Cody’s owners report that he laid on his seat with his head up, ears alert and his eyes were big and luminous. His owners hadn't realize how pinched his expression had been, but seeing him so relaxed and happy showed them he must have been in more pain than he let on. Within 48 hours, Cody could walk more upright and with a definite improvement in his stride. He no longer sank down when standing, he was able to trot around the yard and began carrying his toys around the house and looking for someone to play with. He stumbled less and slept more soundly than he had in months.

His second treatment was on April 1, and since then Cody has not looked back. He can now fetch his stick or ball as long as his owners can throw it, and he can turn without falling sideways and has almost no instability in the rear. He can get in the van and now can trot along with a purposeful and long stride for a 1 km. walk and still run around the yard afterward. He stands firmly to drink and eat, and is able to rise to his feet from lying down without sitting and then pulling himself up as he used to do. He's back to being an old but busy dog, and his owners continue to visit NHVC whenever Cody shows them that he needs a tune up!

The goal his owners have with Cody (and all of their German shepherds) has been to provide them with comfort and the least invasive treatments that are necessary in their senior years. After only two visits, they strongly believe this is a great way and Cody most certainly does too.

CH Camdn's Cobra V Regatta TT HIC CGC, SJA Therapy Dog (retired)

J, 2008
Cody enjoying retirement.

  I treated MaggieMae through her kidney disease, glaucoma, and an emboli in her spine which cause her to loser control of her lower extremities. Her owners say that in each case, her recovery has been nothing short of a miracle! The day after she was brought in to see me because of an emboli in her lower spine which caused her to be paralyzed, she actually walked off her bed… and since then she has made a complete recovery.

P & I, 2008
MaggieMae enjoying the outdoors.

Toby required surgery on his left knee in the summer of 2006, and on then on his right knee in the summer of 2007. After 26 weeks of recovery period in each of the surgeries - no running, no climbing stairs, no jumping on/off furniture - and leashed at all times to control his movements, his owner was dismayed when he began to have trouble with his left knee again, in the fall of 2007.

Numerous visits to his vet yielded little comfort for him. His owner was at her wits end, and her time was completely consumed with his well-being. She was terrified that he might need exploratory surgery to find the cause of the problem—and she was not convinced that this course of action would be a benefit to him.

At 8 years of age, Toby’s owner wondered if he would ever be able to be just 'Toby' again; loving to play with this sister Tigr and running about.

A friend suggested Toby’s owner contact me at Natural Healing Veterinary Care, and that with all the surgeries and restrictions he had endured, his spine might need adjustments. It made sense to Toby’s owner, who had seen a chiropractor herself when she had back problems.

After only a few visits for chiropractic adjustments and acupuncture, Toby has regained his life. His ears are perky, his eyes smile, and he's full of mischief and energy again. He is doing all the 'Toby' things that his owner hadn't even realized he was not doing.

Toby’s owner says that thanks to my treatments her world is back together and Toby’s recovery is beyond her wildest expectations and hopes.

CS, February 2008

In January of 2007, Yin Zie went for his usual morning walk all bundled up against the cold, and when his owner put him down, she noticed he was dragging his back legs.

His regular vets diagnosed him with a disc pressing on his spinal column, and even after three days of intensive treatment, she was told that he may never walk again.

A few days after this, I saw Yin Zie for acupuncture treatments and, later on, chiropractic sessions. I suggested that his owner look into getting him a set of wheels so that he would be able to move around. We measured him in my office and placed an order. The wheels arrived in May, and the first time his owner strapped him in, Yin Zie went zooming around!

Many people had told Yin Zie’s owner to put him down, and many other people would have, but the quality of life Yin Zie has now is truly amazing. His owner is so delighted to have Yin Zie happy and mobile again! She has a hard time keeping up with him some days. All the time people wonder about his wheels and the little “chariot” that keeps him moving.

GH, November 2007
Yin Zie and his "Chariot".

17-year-old cat Octavia came to see me when her owner discovered that stiffness in her lower spine was causing decreased mobility, constipation, and as a further consequence, failing appetite. They hoped that acupuncture and chiropractic treatments might slow Octavia’s decline, or at the very least spare her some of the discomfort and indignity of old age. After just a single session, her owner noticed a significant difference – she was jumping up on the side of the tub again and holding her tail up straight (they hadn’t realized until then that she had been holding it at half-mast for months previously).

Now, nine months later, Octavia is active, comfortable, eating well, and visits me only for ‘tune-ups’. This time last year her owner was concerned that Octavia would not be around much longer; now they report that she seems years younger than she is.

PR, November 2007

Click Here to see a video of Octavia's treatment.

Octavia enjoying a cat nap.

Daly was a 10-year-old white German shepherd who had been diagnosed with arthritis in her right front paw. Her regular vet prescribed an anti-inflammatory/pain medication which was giving her slight relief from her condition, but the dosage required to give her complete relief was too dangerous to Daly's kidneys and liver to be on for a sustained period of time.

As an alternative, her owner was referred to me, and after just two treatments, the owner was astonished at Daily’s recovery: she was full of joy and life again and bounding around like a young puppy.

Daly’s owner was happy to have Daly’s last few months of life improved immeasurably, and have told me how thankful they were for my skill and caring compassion.

B & SM, 2007
Daly on the deck.

Marty, a 14-year-old tabby, was diagnosed with renal failure in May. She took a turn for the worse six weeks later and her owners thought they were going to lose her. Thanks to acupuncture treatments coupled with Marty’s regular veterinarian’s medical treatments, we were able to turn Marty around. Her progress has amazed her owners!

Marty does not look like a typical cat in renal failure – she looks very healthy! She is a very happy, loving and gentle cat, and she enjoys her acupuncture treatments which have helped to increase her haemoglobin levels (she is also anaemic), improve her kidney function, decrease her nausea and relieve her headaches. Since she is also arthritic, Marty also receives acupuncture, chiropractic adjustments, and homeo-siniatry injections for arthritis that does not affect the kidneys.

Marty is very playful and has a favourite black mouse that she used to love batting around –after only 2 injections of the homeo-siniatry, Marty is starting to bat that little black mouse around again – for the first time in eight months! Her owners say that each day they have now with Marty is truly a gift, and it’s much more than they thought we would ever have with her back in July. They’ve told me how much they appreciate my veterinary knowledge, compassion and unwavering dedication to my patients.

RL, December 2007

Blanco is a sweet little feline character, who is chronically constipated. Acupuncture treatments give him relief by alleviating his nausea that comes from his condition, and chiropractic treatments realign his pelvis that often goes out from his straining to move his bowels. His face is often pinched when his owners bring him in to see me, and relaxed and more open when they take him home. Blanco’s owners are so please that the treatments have such a positive effect on him and provide him with such relief—they also say that our appointments are definitely more pleasant for everyone involved than the enemas they used to do.

ALeR & VP, May 2007

Blanco on the couch
Blanco on the couch.

13-year-old Chesapeake Bay retriever Nutmeg (“Meggie”) began suffering from arthritis in her hips and hind legs. Her regular veterinarian suggested her owners see me for acupuncture treatments in coordination with her regular medication. Her owners didn’t know anything about acupuncture treatments or alternative healing therapies but thought they should try it, thinking that if it helped her be more mobile and eased the pain a little, it would be worth it.

During their first visit to see me, I performed a full diagnosis and assessment of her needs, and then proceeded with her first treatment. Meggie was fairly relaxed and within a few treatments, she began to walk a little easier and her mobility improved to the point she could even run and play for short times!

Meggie now lives in Ontario where she has retired to life at the lake, but during every visit back to Winnipeg, her owners make an appointment for a treatment with me. She enjoys coming into Natural Healing Veterinary Care and it brings her some much-needed relief.

NS, Kenora, ON, 2007

Nutmeg on the dock
Nutmeg on the dock.

Tessa, a 12-year-old Golden Retriever, suffered from painful osteoarthritis in her hind legs. At times, her pain was so great that she was unable to go on even the shortest of walks. Pain medication did not seem to relieve any of her symptoms, so her owner came to me. After only a few treatments of acupuncture, Tessa was able to complete her daily hour long walks—even one year later. Tessa has her quality of life back and her owner couldn’t be happier.

SP, 2007
Tessa with family.

Through my treatments, I was able to help Jasper, a malamute with mobility problems and arthritis pain, to go from being a dog who could barely stand to a dog able to run around with other animals. With his regular acupuncture “tune-ups,” Jasper is alive, happy and healthy and his owners are so happy to have been given additional years with him.

DK, 2007
Jasper the malamute

Hubbell had been x-rayed on two separate occasions and consultation made with a specialist to determine that he had been suffering for six months with pano. With my chiropractic treatments, Hubbell no longer showed evidence of limp strain, and he was able to successfully enter the show ring again, obtaining his Canadian Championship at the Mid Canada Dog Show.

DW, 2007
Hubbell at the 2007 Mid Canada Dog Show.